Geospatial Asset Management

Geospatial solutions anyone can use

Enesgy™ fills the gap between simple but limited web maps and sophisticated desktop GIS software that requires expert training. Enesgy solutions are meant for anyone, from office worker to technician to executive.

Extend and enhance existing systems with maps

Enesgy™ adds the map element to legacy systems. Enesgy makes systems with limited access available to larger audiences, increasing ROI from existing investments.

Simplified, not dumbed down

Enesgy™ software is intuitive enough for anyone to learn it through recorded tutorials, help files, a support website, and through optional personalized training.

Capital purchase or subscription licensing

Enesgy™ software is available as perpetual licenses acquired through capital purchases or as subscriptions obtained entirely through operating expenses.

On-site and cloud options

Enesgy™ solutions can be installed on a corporate virtualized server environment, in a private cloud, or accessed from a multi-tenancy cloud hosted managed service.


Enesgy™ solutions run in web browsers and adjust automatically when operated away from office computers on tablets or smartphones, and are available wherever, whenever, and however they are needed.

Enesgy software is geospatial, it is map and database driven, but does not require knowledge of or commitment to GIS, the science of geographic information. However, if you wish to adopt GIS, Enesgy software gives you access to GIS capabilities in a gradual, affordable way.

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NSGIS’s software solutions are born out of our software development and consulting experience, transforming the best ideas from custom developments into repeatable, supportable, off-the-shelf software.


NSGIS’s professional developers work alongside implementation experts to produce battle-tested, user-friendly software that stand on their own, or extend other systems.


NSGIS thrives in a network of partners, including the manufacturers of the core technologies that we rely on, the software that we integrate with, the firms that help us deploy systems, and especially our loyal clientele.


Our software is strengthened by our user community asking us questions and providing us feedback, and through licensing and special projects, which pushes our development of fresh software and enhancements.

Spatial Tools

Enesgy software is powered by ArcGIS® and enhanced by Geocortex Essentials® to deliver maps and apps to users, wherever, whenever, and however they need them.

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