Modern geospatial technologies are powerful

integration platforms for both data and systems.

Enesgy software is built with best-in-class

open standards componentry that

promotes powerful integrations.

Create a Common Operating Picture

Enesgy solutions have been integrated with:

  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Systems
  • Situation Management Systems
  • Video Management System
  • Access Control systems
  • Vessel and Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • CAD design software

Enesgy Integrates with Esri and ArcGIS

Enesgy software products, like Enesgy Documents, integrate seamlessly with ArcGIS Online. Access your information directly from the ArcGIS portal, sign in with your named user account, and control access to information in Enesgy Documents or ArcGIS portal.

Why Integrate?

  • Support situational awareness for security and disaster response
  • Enable a strategic asset management program
  • Build a bridge between silos of information
  • Empower more effective decision-making
  • Align the business needs of different departments
  • Easily share data or documents across the enterprise
  • Validate and update infrastructure through a map, from any device
  • Communicate accurate real estate information
  • Manage both the maintenance and financial aspects of facilities
  • Quickly and accurately report maintenance service requests
  • Manage emergencies with fuller situational awareness

Leverage existing hardware and network infrastructure

Virtual machines, storage area networks, identity servers, reverse proxies, database replication, and web services are part of the planning and engineering of new system integrations.

Preserve information from legacy systems and knowledge from a retiring workforce

Valuable knowledge never gets lost when a GIS integration is in place to capture knowledge from retiring staff, outdated systems, or even paper resources. What once took hours to find, can now take minutes.

Instantly view geospatially enabled data

Incorporate spatial and non-spatial data into everyday workflows so routine processes become automated. Geospatially enable and manage your assets and infrastructure throughout the enterprise.