What is Enesgy Video?

Enesgy Video is an integration tool to bring your IP cameras or Video Management System (VMS) cameras onto a map, combined with other useful spatial information and tools.

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Using the Software

How will Enesgy Video benefit my organization?

Integrating high quality CCTV video feeds with a GIS map display provides context to what can only be seen with a camera, thus creating a fuller situational awareness and ability to respond appropriately. A video feed may show a building on fire, but the same feed on a GIS map can help answer questions like

“Which building is that?”,

“What is the address of the building?”,

“Who owns the building and what is their contact information?”

and “Are there hazardous materials or explosives stored in that building?”

Users can zoom to a camera’s location on the map, or call a camera up directly and even control camera movements from the map.

Do camera feeds stay active while I continue to work with the map?

Yes. One of the benefits of Enesgy Video is that video feed windows are linked to, but independent of the map window, so you can have multiple video feeds up while performing other tasks with the map.

How many camera feeds can I have up at the same time?

It varies based on available resources and the configuration. We generally recommend limiting the maximum number of camera feeds that can be displayed simultaneously to four or six. This is because streaming video places high demands on computer and network resources, so limiting the number of feeds that one or multiple users consume can help preserve performance.

Can I control a camera's movement?

Enesgy Video has movement (PTZ) controls if your camera(s) support it, if your system administrator has configured the supported camera(s) to allow control, and if you have personal permissions to do so. The controls are operated by the mouse (or finger or stylus on tablets and phones) to Pan (move side to side), Tilt (move up and down) and Zoom (move in and out). There is also a Home button which moves the camera back to its pre-configured resting place.

Can I control camera movement with a joystick?

No. Enesgy Video is not designed to replace the role of a professional Video Management System (VMS), with a dedicated video wall, hardware acceleration, and accessories like joysticks.

Can I record or replay video?

Enesgy Video is designed to integrate your live video from your VMS with the map, rather than replace your VMS. Interaction with DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) is a function of a professional VMS system.

Is it possible to configure Enesgy Video so that camera feeds can be accessed outside of your network?

Yes. You choose if video feeds are accessible from outside your network, depending on how the video system has been configured for your organization. Typically, security sensitive video is accessed with VPN technology, rather than being exposed outside the security network.


Which VMS does Enesgy Video support?

Enesgy Video has connectors to Genetec and PureTech VMS systems. Contact us to discuss the level of effort required to connect to your VMS, such as Milestone, NiceVision, Axis, or OnSSI.

Can I configure the system to consume both IP and VMS cameras at the same time?

Enesgy Video can be configured to consume a blend of IP cameras and VMS-managed cameras. For instance, your security cameras may be controlled by a VMS, while traffic cameras from a neighboring jurisdiction may be accessed by direct IP connection only. Visit:

Enesgy Video Deployment Options

Does each additional user viewing a feed keep adding to my network load?

Yes and No. Enesgy Video reduces the required network and firewall load, especially considering that most users are on different networks than camera networks. Our proprietary solution allows each camera to be read once but consumed many times without impacting cross-network traffic unnecessarily when many users are connected. Visit:

Enesgy Video Deployment Options

Can I enable PTZ control of cameras? Can I also disable it?

Yes. Pan-Tilt-Zoom controls can be enabled on cameras that support PTZ, enabling those cameras to be controllable from Enesgy Video. However, we recognize that Enesgy Video is usually a secondary video client to the main camera VMS software. Therefore, you can decide if PTZ control is enabled in Enesgy Video, who has control, and under which circumstances. Visit:

Enesgy Video Deployment Options

Can I control who has access to PTZ controls?

You can control which groups have access to PTZ cameras, e.g. the real estate department can have access to no PTZ controls, while the operations department does, all the while the security department has permissions to assume PTZ control over all cameras at all times – even when the camera is already in use. Visit:

Enesgy Video Deployment Options

Support & Training

What support or training is offered?

We provide video tutorials, a support site with how-to articles, a forum, and for clients with paid support, a trouble ticket system. Clients can also opt to receive personal on-site training. Learn more about NSGIS professional services.


What are the licensing options?

One-time license purchase with optional annual software maintenance for access to updates, ideal for on-premise or private cloud implementation. NSGIS does not currently offer a cloud-hosted subscription license, but we can discuss such options on a case by case basis. Contact us.


Is Enesgy Video licensed through resellers, distributors, or partners?

Enesgy Video is only licensed directly by NSGIS in the US. If you are interested, please contact us at info@nsgis.com.

We are interested in distributors outside the US. If you are interested, contact us at info@nsgis.com.