All Your Property Lease Data, Maps and Documents in One Place

Property Lease Data, Maps and Documents

Connect lease information, maps and documents in one system. No more spreadsheets that are only accessible by one person, rough sketches on screenshots from a mapping site, and disjointed files on a shared network drive. With Enesgy Lease Manager you can manage all the information in one system, accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Retrieve lease abstracts, insurance requirements, amendments, maps, and supporting documents using text or map searches.

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Access from Anywhere

Access your property and lease information anywhere, inside or outside the office. Enesgy is cloud-hosted so there is no hardware to buy and no software to install, move between computers, or back up. Need access to your information while visiting a broker, conducting a tenant inspection, or while out of the office? No problem, all the information is securely stored and backed up in the cloud. Want to keep your documents in-house or link to an existing document management system? You can do that as well.


All Aspects of Properties and Leases in One System

Many property managers try to manage long-term leases that take months to negotiate and last for decades, but also short-term use agreements that only last a few weeks or months, all within the same property complex. Enesgy Lease Manager is flexible enough to handle both types of agreements, as well as manage properties set aside for administrative, environmental or common uses. Use the software to begin a new negotiation and attach maps and documents to it from the start, or record information after an agreement is finalized.

Deployment Options

Share Lease Information Across Departments

Share property management information more easily with other members of your organization. Property managers can update leases in real time while finance directors can perform a cost-analysis on leases, and maintenance supervisors can access tenant information. Whatever your role or needs are, lease information is easily shared across an organization. Print out customized reports or access the information directly from a map-based viewer. Anywhere, anytime.

Build a Bigger Picture

Look at your utilities, boundaries, buildings and other information together with your properties. The software can leverage an existing GIS database, or help you build one from scratch. This way you can visualize lease boundaries and how they have been amended over time, alongside other spatial information. Gather a big picture to see which tenants have access to which utilities, on-site security cameras, or how many maintenance requests or security incidents were reported. View live data (like vehicle tracking) or historical asset management data on top of lease data.

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