Deployment Options

Enesgy Solutions are offered in multiple editions and deployment models for your organization.


Enesgy for Ports

Enesgy for CommandBridge




Desktop Map Viewer
Mobile Map Viewer
Measurement and Sketching Tools
Data Linking Tools
Search and Query Tools
Data Drill-down Tools
Standard Esri Base Maps
Printing and Reporting Tools
Map Quality Feedback
Site Redirector
Advanced Search
Security Events
Special Events
Live Data Processor
Enesgy Documents
Land Assets Data Model for Ports
Enesgy Connector for CommandBridge  √
Asset Inspection (Advanced)  √
Incident Reporting (Advanced)  √
Operations Center Incident Reporting  √
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Private Cloud Cloud Subscription
Software ownership Own Own Rent
Hardware ownership Own Rent Rent
Pay for software upgrades Yes Yes No
Expense type Capital + Operating Capital + Operating or Operating Only Operating Only
Integration with cloud based systems Yes Yes Yes
Integration with on-premise systems Yes Maybe Maybe
Customer control over system administration Yes Yes Maybe
Option for system administration by NSGIS Yes Yes Yes
Option to integrate with in-house access control (e.g. Active Directory) Yes Maybe No
Option to integrate with cloud-based access control (e.g. ArcGIS Online for Organizations) Yes Yes Yes
Customer control over map and map content Full Full Partial
Access to underlying database and GIS infrastructure (ArcGIS Enterprise with On-Premise and Private Cloud, ArcGIS Online for Organizations with Cloud Subscription) Yes Yes Yes