Enesgy and NSGIS

Enesgy™ software is produced and licensed by NSGIS, a California-based geospatial systems integrator founded in 2005.

Many consulting firms that develop software for clients wonder if they should commercialize their software. For NSGIS, it made the most sense for our clients. We have a deep background with both software development and client support. Commercializing our software has made the maintenance and upgrades of software cheaper and more reliable, and indirectly pooled the limited funds of multiple specialty clients into the development of products that they could not find anywhere else.

That is why the Enesgy brand has emerged and we are now working to migrate all previous software names, licenses and documentation to reflect this change. All information related to the Enesgy brand of software is contained in this website, while information about NSGIS’s consulting, implementation, and custom software development services can be found at www.nsgis.com.