Enesgy Relies on Technology, Implementation, and Distribution Partners

Technology Partners

Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.), based in Redlands, California, is the global leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping technology, and publisher of the ArcGIS platform of integrated software products, including ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online. Enesgy leverages tools from Esri including Web Maps, JavaScript API, ArcGIS Online user identity management, and it integrates Esri’s free and premium data content to meet customer needs.

Latitude Geographics Group Ltd, based in Victoria, British Columbia, is the publisher of the Geocortex suite of software, designed to extend Esri’s ArcGIS platform and help Esri’s clients get even more out of their software. Some Enesgy solutions leverage Geocortex Essentials software where we believe that it makes our solutions more affordable, more stable, and of greater flexibility to our clients.

Implementation Partners

NSGIS is currently in discussions with several firms both inside and outside the US to implement our software solutions to clients in their geographic areas or in their areas of professional expertise. If you are interested in becoming and implementation partner, please contact us.

Contract Vehicles

Some Enesgy solutions are available through the US Federal GSA (General Services Administration) price list, such as the GIS Port Solution, CommandBridge Edition. If you are interested in licensing our software in that way, please contact us.

Distribution Partners

Enesgy is currently sold directly and by a limited number of distribution partners. NSGIS welcomes queries regarding distribution rights in specific geographic or professional practice areas. Please contact us at

Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.

Our technology partner, Latitude Geographics, is also a distribution partner for NSGIS, authorized to resell Enesgy for Ports bundled with Geocortex Essentials for Ports. Customers interested in purchasing our software directly from Latitude Geographics should contact their Latitude Geographics account manager for details and pricing.

ARES Security Corporation

ARES Security, maker of the premier situational awareness and management system, CommandBridge, is a distribution partner for NSGIS. ARES Security is authorized to resell Enesgy for CommandBridge, a version of Enesgy for Ports that is designed to integrate with and complement CommandBridge. ARES Security also offers some Enesgy software through its GSA pricelist.