Geospatial Integration and Enhancements for CommandBridge Customers

Enesgy and CommandBridge Seamlessly Align


Enesgy for CommandBridge™, formerly known as the “GIS Port Solution, CommandBridge™ Edition”, adds powerful GIS capabilities and tools to CommandBridge like data-drill down tools, event planning and markup tools, or Enesgy Documents. Enesgy for CommandBridge unifies data from all departments and presents it on an interactive map, enabling CommandBridge clients to make decisions and answer questions that cannot be made by CommandBridge alone. Tailored specifically to work with CommandBridge, Enesgy for CommandBridge helps to further provide CommandBridge clients with a unified security solution.


Enesgy for CommandBridge includes all the tools, data models, and procedures bundled into Enesgy for Ports Standard Edition, the most widely-deployed enterprise GIS implementation in US ports, plus the Enesgy Connector for CommandBridge.

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Enhancements for CommandBridge

Enesgy for CommandBridge includes tools for:

  • Better rendering of Esri GIS map layers in CommandBridge
  • Creating security plans
  • Configuring connections to other databases
  • Marking up and printing high quality map outputs and reports
  • Searching for related documents based on map locations, to name but a few.

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For all CommandBridge Clients

Enesgy for CommandBridge is a geospatial solution for all CommandBridge clients, whether a large organization with existing GIS and CADD data maintenance programs, or a small client with limited IT resources, Enesgy for CommandBridge comes in multiple deployment options to fit your organization’s needs.

Deployment Options