Enhanced Document Integration for Elements XS Customers

Enesgy Documents and Elements XS Align Seamlessly

Enesgy Documents adds powerful document storage, search and retrieval capabilities and tools to Elements XS. Search for documents using separate or combined spatial, metadata and keyword criteria. Store and manage documents linked to mapped assets or to the projects that created or maintained those assets. Automate workflows associated with those documents and projects, and send notifications based on metadata about them. Select documents of interest to view or package up for contractors.



Enesgy Documents integrated with Elements XS is identical to standalone Enesgy Documents, but is embedded directly in the Elements XS user interface. Not only can you maintain your assets with Elements XS, but you can access all relevant as-builts, shop manuals, and photographs using the powerful tools of Enesgy Documents. Anywhere. Anytime. On any device.

For all Elements XS Clients

Enesgy Documents is a document integration solution for all Elements XS clients, whether a large organization with an on-premise deployment of Elements XS, or a small client with limited IT resources that has chosen to deploy in a cloud configuration. Enesgy Documents comes in multiple deployment options to fit your organization’s needs.

Deployment Options