What is Enesgy Documents?

Enesgy Documents is a map-based software that helps you to search and retrieve documents by location in addition to other descriptions. Documents can be both stored and cataloged using the software, or if you already manage documents with certain Electronic Document Management Systems, the software will allow you to add the map-based location description and thus enhance the accuracy of searches.

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Using the Software

Why should I spatially catalog my documents on a map?

By associating documents with the footprint of a project or facility, you get the most accurate way of finding documents. Relying on addresses, parcel numbers, outdated project names, or XY coordinates has a notoriously low accuracy, generating too many or too few results.

What if I have never used GIS before?

Enesgy Documents uses GIS technology but requires no knowledge or training in GIS or any specialized GIS software.

How do I access Enesgy Documents?

Through a web browser, on a mobile or desktop device.

Will Enesgy Documents work on my mobile device?

Yes. Enesgy Documents is an HTML5 application, meaning that it will run on almost any device. It does not store documents on the device itself, to prevent clogging your storage, protect your information, and give you the ability to access your documents from any device.

What kinds of documents can I store?

Most digital file formats can be stored. Download and view your files directly on your device. Alternatively, you can view files directly in the web browser, depending on whether your browser is configured to see those file types. For instance, most browsers have embedded PDF viewers but not Word file viewers.

How can documents of any type be tagged to a location?

Documents in Enesgy Documents are filed under Projects, which are drawn on the map to symbolize the extent of one or multiple documents. All documents belonging to a Project are assumed to have the same footprint, or spatial extent. The user has the option to create as many different projects as needed in order to catalog a history of development activity throughout the facility. This is one of the main benefits of Enesgy Documents, to help users accurately identify relevant documents based on location.

What are ``Projects`` and why should I use them?

A project contains documents. Therefore, it is any kind of “container” you want it to be, like a “drawing set” whose documents are “sheets”, or a “folder” whose documents are files. But typically, a Project is exactly that, a project that was executed in the field, had a specific footprint on the ground, and had various documents associated with it. We use projects as a spatial organization tool for easy document cataloging.

What do ``Projects`` look like in Enesgy Documents?

“Projects” can be points, lines, or polygons – the user decides. Typically, projects represent real footprints of executed plans or developments, allowing the relevant spatial extent of documents to be appropriately discovered.

Can I control who has access to documents?

You choose the audience that can view your documents. Restrict groups within your organization from adding, editing, or deleting documents from projects.

Additionally, there are two levels that can be configured for each user: Editors who can create, edit and delete projects and add, associate, edit or delete documents; and Readers, who can only search and retrieve documents.

How easy is it to add documents or projects?

Easy. You can do it from a computer, tablet or even a phone. A few minutes of training are sufficient to become proficient.

Do I need GIS software to create locations for documents?

No. All tagging, digitizing, searching, and retrieving is done through an easy to learn and intuitive web browser interface. There is no software to install on individual computers and the tool runs on any device. For subscribers to our cloud hosted version, there is no server software to install.

Can Projects be drawn without Enesgy Documents but with other GIS software?

Enesgy Documents is required to draw new project areas. However, NSGIS provides professional services to train clients with the necessary skills. NSGIS also supports clients with a large volume of documents by deploying tools that enable them to use desktop software, like ArcMap, to add new projects.

What if I have thousands of documents to add to Enesgy Documents? Is there a “bulk” way of uploading them?

It depends on the circumstances and what is meant by “bulk”. For specifics, please contact NSGIS’s professional services at info@nsgis.com.

Can I automate the capture of metadata about documents?

NSGIS’s professional services can assist clients with this issue on a case by case basis. Contact us.

How easy is it to edit or remove documents or projects?

As easy as adding documents. Leverage Enesgy Documents to allow or restrict users to change projects or document metadata “owned” or created by other individuals.

Can a document belong to multiple projects?

Yes. Documents can be hyperlinks from your EDMS, local network file system (accessed through a web server), or from your Enesgy Document data storage. You can link a singularly stored document to many projects.

How can I avoid duplication of storage and metadata if I already have an EDMS?

There are several ways to do this, depending on your EDMS system. Please contact us for specific answers.

Can I share documents within my organization?

Certainly. Each document or project has assigned permissions that determines which groups of users in the organization will be able to view or download the document.

Can I share documents outside my organization?

Yes, but that depends on many factors related to your chosen software edition, network configuration, firewalls, etc. Visit:

Enesgy Documents Deployment Options


Can Enesgy Documents be deployed on-premise? In the cloud?

Enesgy Documents can be licensed for on-premise deployment, behind your firewall; this type of deployment has an initial license fee and an optional annual software maintenance fee for access to upgrades. Enesgy Documents can also be licensed as a subscription from our cloud.

On-premise deployments are more expensive up-front but can be capitalized, while cloud deployments are usually expensed out of operating budgets, and have a smaller up-front cost. In some cases, an on-premise deployment can also be licensed through an annual subscription. For more information, visit:

Enesgy Documents Deployment Options

If I deploy on-premise, are there additional hardware and software requirements?

Yes, an on-premise deployment involves a technology stack consisting of several software packages which NSGIS will deliver and install for you. While the technology requirements are greater, they also provide numerous additional benefits to an organization, such as many additional map and database tools which can form the foundation of an entire on-premise Enterprise GIS. For specific requirements, contact us.

If I deploy in the cloud, are there additional software requirements?

As part of the Enesgy Documents deployment, you will also get a subscription to ArcGIS Online for Organizations from Esri. This is a powerful web GIS which you can use to build up for your organization – if you so choose. As with the on-premise deployment, you can choose to use the system just for its core purpose, or you can jumpstart your GIS program. Contact us to learn more about additional GIS services from NSGIS for jumpstarting your GIS program.

Can I deploy the system myself on-premise?

Not at the current version. A small professional services engagement with NSGIS is required. We plan to release a client-installable and configurable version in the future. To view current deployment options, visit:

Enesgy Documents Deployment Options

Can I migrate from on-premise to the cloud or the other way?

Yes. This requires a professional services engagement with NSGIS, but because Enesgy uses essentially the same technology on-premise vs. in the cloud, the migration is easily accomplished.

What if I want to stop subscribing, how can I safeguard my documents and metadata?

You always own your documents, metadata, and project geometries. There are several options available to you. Please contact us.

Is Enesgy Documents available as an ArcGIS Online extension or add-on?

The cloud subscription of Enesgy Documents uses your ArcGIS Online login, stores project data in your ArcGIS Online account, and can be launched from the ArcGIS Online ribbon – or as a standalone web browser application. To get started contact us.

I have ArcGIS Enterprise (ArcGIS Server). How does Enesgy Documents interface with that?

The on-premise version of Enesgy Documents stores data in ArcGIS Server, can use your Portal for ArcGIS credentials to log in, and can optionally be launched directly from the Portal.

Do I have to have a GIS system in order to deploy Enesgy Documents?

No. While Enesgy Documents leverages GIS and database technologies in the background, you can use Enesgy Documents just for its core purpose, spatial document cataloging and retrieval. You do not have to commit to using GIS or to becoming an expert in GIS. Visit:

Enesgy Documents Deployment Options

Where are documents stored?

There are several options. If deployed on-premise, then documents can be stored on your internal web server and managed by Enesgy Documents or they can be stored and managed in a corporate electronic document management system (EDMS) and linked to Enesgy Documents. If licensed from our cloud, documents can be stored in the cloud as well, or they can still reside internally in the manner described above. For more information, visit:

Enesgy Documents Deployment Options

Do I have to have a document management system in addition? Is Enesgy Documents an EDMS software?

Enesgy Documents can serve basic document management functions but does not claim to be a full-fledged EDMS. If your organization does not have an EDMS yet, then Enesgy Documents can serve that function. If you later acquire an EDMS, you may be able to migrate the documents while maintaining the spatial indexing – consult with NSGIS before choosing an EDMS system. If you already have an EDMS, it may integrate with Enesgy Documents, so please contact NSGIS for more information.


What are the licensing options?

NSGIS offers two main licensing options: One-time license purchase with optional annual software maintenance for access to updates, ideal for on-premise or private cloud implementation, or a subscription license, suited to our cloud-hosted offering.

How do I choose between on-premise and the cloud?

Clients with a well-developed IT infrastructure, especially ones with an in-house EDMS and possibly an existing GIS, will almost always prefer an on-premise implementation, despite the upfront licensing cost. On-premise implementations offer more integration options than the cloud option. On-premise clients may also choose to host the application and possibly store the data in a private cloud, whereby they own the software (rather than subscribe to it), but choose to host on servers that are physically away from their organization.

On the other hand, smaller organizations, or ones that require the spending flexibility of a subscription, and the ready-access to the system from outside a traditional office, will prefer the hosted cloud option. NSGIS takes care of maintaining the cloud infrastructure. This is the most “plug and play” approach to accessing the software.

Finally, there is a hybrid approach, where the system, the location data, and the document metadata reside in a private or hosted cloud, but the documents reside on-premise. Contact us to discuss your options.

What is the difference between a private cloud and a hosted cloud subscription?

In the private cloud the client owns the software licenses, can choose to pay for software maintenance and version upgrades, and procures its own cloud hosting. The client has administrative rights over the server infrastructure, and has exclusive use of all components of the software stack. In a hosted cloud subscription, it is NSGIS that controls all administrative access to some servers in the technology stack, but the client only has to pay a subscription to access the software.

Can I use the cloud option but still have my documents reside on-premise?

Yes. All document and project metadata can reside in the cloud, while documents reside locally, so they never leave clients’ premises.


How does the subscription option work?

Subscriptions are annual and are purchased in bundles. An Editor subscription bundle comes with five licenses, while a Reader subscription bundle comes with ten licenses. Editor allows you to add, edit and delete documents and project, while Reader only allows you to search, view and download documents.

How can I reduce the cost of subscriptions?

If your organization already has a subscription to ArcGIS Online for Organizations, the cost of the Enesgy Documents subscription will be less.

If I have a third party doing the work of capturing and cataloging my documents with Enesgy Documents, do they need their own subscription?

Yes, or they can use one or more of your organization’s subscription licenses, which will reduce your own allocation of people who can use the system while the third party is using your licenses.

What software support is available?

NSGIS offers access to its support site to all paid licensees and subscribers, which contains how-to articles, a forum and a trouble ticket system. Live technical support is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis or discounted bundles of prepaid hours. Special projects are contracted through NSGIS’s professional services.

Is there training for Enesgy software?

We provide video tutorials, a support site with how-to articles, a forum, and for clients with paid support, a trouble ticket system. Clients can also opt to receive personal on-site training. Learn more about NSGIS professional services.


Is Enesgy Documents licensed through resellers, distributors, or partners?

Enesgy Documents is only licensed directly by NSGIS in the US. If you are interested, please contact us.

NSGIS is interested in distributors outside the US. If you are interested, contact us.

We are also interested in working with implementation partners in the US and abroad, firms with the expertise and resources to help our clients to capture and organize their documents using Enesgy Documents. If you are interested in helping your clients in this way, please contact us.